WATERMARK LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE: A Great Day to be Seen and Heard at Intuit in Mountain View

September 14, 2017

Many thanks to Watermark for such a wonderful day at Intuit in Mountain View, Calif. More than 200 women – and men – turned out for an outstanding Leadership Conference featuring Daina Middleton, Grace Kong, Cammie Dunaway and other incredibly inspiring speakers.

Watermark, celebrating its 25th anniversary next year, is dedicated to increasing the number of women in leadership positions. I was thrilled to contribute to that mission as the final speaker of the day, presenting my Speak Up. Stand Out. Be Heard! workshop.









Along with sharing my Executive Success Principles, members from the audience came up for some live coaching. My question was simply, “What do you do?” From there, we worked together to reframe their answers to communicate the true value that they deliver to their organizations.

For example, the “director of development for the School of Management” found a new way to describe her job as “providing alums with the opportunity to shape the future of the university, the community and the world.” The “employee relations manager” realized that she “creates an environment where people do their best work because they feel included.”




I’m so pleased that we ended the conference on such an energizing note! Here’s a look at some of the survey feedback:

"Charmaine McClarie's session was very compelling, and I loved that it was interactive."

“Charmaine's presentation made the conference worthwhile for me.
I was able to come away with immediate actions that I can use in my daily life.”

“Charmaine did an outstanding job of inspiring the audience – great interaction!
She made us laugh and think about how we need to reposition our perspective on how we present ourselves.”

“Charmaine's workshop was definitely my favorite part of the day. She is so vibrant, inspiring, and had such great ideas.”



Next stop: a champagne cocktail reception on Intuit’s beautiful outdoor terrace.

For more on my workshop, please check out the video highlights on Watermark’s YouTube channel – and a recap of the entire conference on the Watermark blog.

Again, many thanks to Watermark – as well as Intuit and Deloitte for their sponsorship. And to everyone for making the day so special. I’ve enjoyed hearing from so many of you over the past several weeks!

Are you in need of a dynamic way to end your upcoming conference? That’s my sweet spot! Let’s talk! (323) 224-6820

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