In the Spirit of Celebration

January 10, 2022

In the spirit of celebration...

I’d like to give a big overdue shout-out to my highly accomplished and hardworking clients. Over the past year, so many of you have been promoted and achieved milestone accomplishments. While celebration is clearly in order, I also want to share just how grateful I am for the opportunity to work alongside you and learn from you while supporting your growth and success.

Please join me in celebrating all of my recently promoted clients—and if you are one of them, give yourself a round of applause too!

- Charmaine McClarie


Get Clear About Your Intentions for 2023

Sometimes it is important to look back to propel ourselves forward. I invite you to reflect on the year behind you. What impact did you make? What impression have you left? What did others say about your contribution?

We mostly hear about New Year’s resolutions that come and go with ease. I prefer to focus on our intentions. Clarity is important to me. When we are clear about our narrative, we help the people around us see us the way we want to be seen. Set yourself up for success by getting clear about your intentions for 2023.

As you plan the contributions you’ll make throughout 2023, I challenge you to shape your plan in the image of your best life. What word speaks to the intention you’d like to prioritize throughout this year? What will it look and feel like when you achieve your greatest dreams and meet your most ambitious goals?


Your Winning Story: Makes you Unstoppable
Meet Me Online: February 3 and 4 | Virtual Workshop

When you get in the driver’s seat and invest in shaping your narrative, you become unstoppable. When you can get clear about your North Star, then you, your passion, and your offerings all become more visible to the world around you. When you share a crisp and compelling story, listeners are more inclined to see you, to feel they understand you, and to want to support your work.

I hope to see you at my upcoming Your Winning Story Makes You Unstoppable event on February 3 and 4, 2023. In this intensive, highly interactive, two-day virtual workshop and its six-week follow-up, you will learn (and then practice) the essential storytelling strategies to ensure you are both seen and heard for the value you deliver. Limited space available! Claim your seat!

Your Winning Story Takeaways:

  • Hone and articulate the value of your compelling story.
  • Present your go-forward plan to the group.
  • Position yourself to land plum promotions, negotiate salary increases, take on expanded responsibilities and greatly enhance your career.

Included in Workshop:

  • Pre-program self-assessment
  • 30-minute onboarding call with Charmaine
  • Highly interactive virtual workshop from wherever you are on the globe
  • Charmaine’s well-regarded Executive Success Principles audiobook and workbook
  • Videotaped role-play and storytelling skill practice
  • Platform to work through real-world work challenges
  • 1:1 consultations with Charmaine
  • Group follow-up session
  • Accountability Partner: Share your goals and objectives, set up deadlines for your own personal deliverables and support one another as you work toward success
  • Exclusive McClarie Group Curated Resource Portal with customized assignments and exercises

Click HERE to learn more and register.


"Charmaine equipped me with the tools necessary to get a seat at the table. With her coaching, I learned how to message effectively by understanding my audience, gaining support for my strategies, and establishing credibility with key constituents. Her teachings are now a key part of my daily routine."

Participant Testimonial
Rachelle Dever, Vice President, Customer Relations and Brand
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