November 15, 2022

My favorite holiday is fast approaching!

I love Thanksgiving because it invites us to focus on what I believe is one of the most important ingredients for a good life: Gratitude.

Because of my desire to be more, do more, and have more, I sometimes lose my connection to savoring and appreciating the present moment before moving on to tackle the next goal and attain the next achievement.

My husband and I recently added a new relationship ritual that’s gotten me to be more present. Each evening, we share three things we’re grateful for that day. As a result, I feel more confident and open. I’m more likely to connect to my own joy and aliveness. And I experience greater appreciation, patience, and compassion for myself and others, and sense a positive shift in my marriage as well.

My clients regularly make my gratitude list. Particularly in light of the past few challenging years, I’m deeply grateful to you, my dynamic and supportive network, for making my work possible and deeply rewarding.

If you’re up for it, add a daily gratitude practice to your day and let me know how it shifts your experience.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

- Charmaine McClarie


The Conference for Women
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I’ll be leading a practical and engaging session at multiple upcoming convenings of The Conference for Women. You’ll leave my session prepared to communicate who you really are in a way that clearly articulates your value, establishes deeper connections and opens doors to abundant and aligned opportunities. In 45 minutes, you’ll learn key communication strategies and put your new skills to work in small group conversations.

The Conference for Women promotes, communicates, and amplifies the influence of women in the workplace and beyond. I hope to see you there! Click HERE to learn more.


Your Winning Story: Makes you Unstoppable
Meet Me Online: February 3 and 4 | Virtual Workshop

Learn (and then practice) the essential storytelling strategies to ensure you are both seen and heard for the value you deliver to your organization.

Your Winning Story Takeaways:

  • Hone and articulate the value of your compelling story.
  • Present your go-forward plan to the group.
  • Position yourself to land plum promotions, negotiate salary increases, take on expanded responsibilities and greatly enhance your career.

Included in Workshop:

  • Pre-program self-assessment
  • 30-minute onboarding call with Charmaine
  • Highly interactive virtual workshop from wherever you are on the globe
  • Charmaine’s well-regarded Executive Success Principles audiobook and workbook
  • Videotaped role-play and storytelling skill practice
  • Platform to work through real-world work challenges
  • 1:1 consultations with Charmaine
  • Group follow-up session
  • Accountability Partner: Share your goals and objectives, set up deadlines for your own personal deliverables and support one another as you work toward success
  • Exclusive McClarie Group Curated Resource Portal with customized assignments and exercises

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"It's easy to speak passionately about the projects I lead—but much more difficult to talk about myself. Charmaine gave me the tools and strategies to articulate my vision and value, not just the tasks I perform."

Participant Testimonial
Petek Utku
Vice President, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

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