Business Transformed: #MBOD2018

May 1, 2018

I so enjoyed delivering the keynote welcome at the Minority Business Opportunity Day (#MBOD2018), hosted last week by the Southern California Minority Supplier Development Council (SCMSDC).

This year’s theme: Business Transformed. Among the many participating companies: Southern California Edison, Zeesman, Toyota, Anthem, Chevron, The Walt Disney Company, Dell EMC, ICON Blue, Business News Group and many other organizations that are equally committed to diversity and inclusion.



As part of my presentation, I was thrilled to help inspire attendees to transform how they introduce themselves by moving beyond their job titles to describe the true value they deliver to their clients. Special thanks to Roy Kokoyachuk of ThinkNow Research and to Marley Bonner of SNAP Marketing for joining me on stage for a live transformation!

Many thanks, too, to SCMSDC President and CEO Virginia Gomez and to the entire staff, as well as to American Honda Motor Co.’s Charles Harmon, Chairman of the SCMSDC Board, for the lovely introduction. And how nice to meet the Mayor of Pasadena, the Honorable Terry Tornek.

Speaking of mayors – our lunch keynote was Chicago-based entrepreneur and educator Neal Sáles-Griffin, CEO of CodeNow. What an inspiring story of helping to change young people’s lives. He’s one to watch – he’s running for mayor of Chicago.

What a fantastic day – and an excellent way to spend my birthday! Many thanks to you all.

If you haven’t yet downloaded the summary of my presentation, you’ll find it here.

Here are a few favorite tweets of the day:

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